Welcome to The Red Apple!

The Red Apple Will Be Open for The 4th of July. Make Time to Stop in & See Us . 

HAPPY 4th of July 

You Have to Try Our Famous Home Made Chicken Strips, Delicous Home Made Chicken Sauce, & Last but Least Our Amazing Red Apples French Fries.

Come In & Enjoy Our Wonderful Lunch/Dinner Specials

*Includes Your Choice of Potatoe
-Baked, Mashed, American Fries or French Fries
 The Choice of
 Salad Bar or Soup

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Gloria, Our Morning Cook! She Will Cook You All Kinds of Wonderful Breakfast. Includes Skillets, Omelets, Biscuit & Gravy, Breakfast Burritos, Basically Everything..
Oscar & Felecia, They Always Work As a Great Team to Make Sure They Accomplish Everything. They Are Also Amazing & Always Seem To Get the Job Done!!

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 After Your Lunch or Dinner Don't Forget We Have Wide Selections of Fantastic Desserts!



*Creme Pies





-Cookie & Creme

*Fruit Pies






-Lemon Meringue

-Strawberry Short Cake



Ice Cream Flavors

-Soft Vanilla


   -Butter Pecan


       -Strawberry Cheese Cake

-Rasberry Truffle


Or The Choice of Tapioca Pudding

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